Tactical Self-Care for First Responders

4 Barriers to Self-Care for Public Service Professionals

(Police, Fire/EMS, 911, Veterans, & Public Safety Professional Staff)

1.  Failure to recognize the symptoms of distress for what they actually are, which can lead to self-medicating.
2.  The belief that counselors can't understand the critical nature of the job and the impact it has on the whole life.
3.  The stigma that has held for decades on anything relating to mental health care.
4.  The belief that peers will lose faith in them and the fear that loved ones will believe them to be a burden.

Navigating Adversity overcomes each of these barriers.

The Navigating Adversity App Provides a Tailored Learning Experience. 

  • Focus on building positive characteristics while acknowledging warning signs of distress
  • Learn in private with 100% confidentiality
  • Individual learning plans to meet you where you are
  • Guided by culturally-competent mentors from your profession
  • Workforce-wide training replaces stigma with a common language of self-care

- 100% -
Virtual & Confidential

Nothing about what we do is typical. In fact, long before the pandemic forced us to conduct business online, we built Navigating Adversity for you to be able to learn from wherever you are most comfortable. Dial into our guided self-care resources, connect with your mentor, and listen to powerful stories of Navigating Adversity via the app, tablet, or pc. All of this with 100% confidentiality!

- Certified -

We have some of the world's most elite mentors guiding you on your journey to reclaiming your self-worth. Professionals from the military, public safety special units, and experts known for their authority on each of the eight pillars of wellbeing are your learning cohort. Their insight, feedback, and encouragement reflect the year+ they've spent mastering the certification process to ensure that your experience is as amazing as you are!

- Personalized -
Self-Care Journey

Every person's needs is different, so why should your training journey be the same? Our proprietary individualized scorecards determine what kind of wellness capital will bring you relief first so that you begin to feel better right away. From there, we move you through the 8 pillars in the order dictated by your unique needs. As you apply the materials to your personal, lived experiences, our mentors will cheer on your successes and tactically guide you from one area of self-care to the next.


Evidence-Based vs. Validated

Almost everything is evidence-based these days. Rarely do I come across a training program that’s been validated. Why? Because research is time consuming, expensive, and frankly, difficult. Last year, the New Little Hoover Commission released a report advocating for police agencies to require validation, or proof of efficacy, for training courses. We couldn’t agree more.…

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Culture Change Includes the Family

I love that administrators are acting on the need for culture change. The public safety community as a whole faces backlash for the bad behavior of the few, but I can’t necessarily fault the citizenry for their pushback. When we recruit people into public service, we are looking for specific psychological skills. These skills are…

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What is Whole-Life Wellness?

Traditional wellness training programs are either (1) intended to temporarily motivate you to feel hopeful or (2) focused on “mental health” awareness. Taking a whole-life approach means flipping the script away from a deficit model and prioritizing the whole person. Navigating Adversity builds healthy individuals who reflect a thriving organizational culture. The whole-person is much…

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Recruiting & Retention the Pathfinder Way

Baby Boomers took jobs for one primary reason: to make money. When they interviewed, they came prepared to answer the question, “What do you bring to our company that’s worth hiring you for?” Today’s candidate is different. Young professionals today have a new perspective. “What can your organization do for me?” You see, they’re looking…

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How Does Enrollment Work?

To enroll your team into the Navigating Adversity self-care course, simply email me a roster with their names and email addresses. It’s that easy! Depending on the size of your workforce and their schedule, we’ll create rolling start dates to ensure that everyone receives the course in a timely fashion. Our cadre of mentors is…

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Navigating Adversity is now Delivered via the Pathfinder Resilience App!

Multi-Year Enterprise Licensing Available

Navigating Adversity Workforce-Wide

$399 per person
  • Pre - & Post-Training Scorecard
  • Certified Mentor
  • 40 Total Learning Hours
  • Invitation to Join the Inner Circle
  • Navigating Adversity e-Book
  • Navigating Adversity Audiobook

Navigating Adversity for Supervisors

$899 per person
  • All Basic Elements Plus:
  • Focus on Recruitment & Retention
  • Discipling Self-Care for the Team
  • Self-Care for Professional Development
  • Employee Warning Signs of Distress

Loved Ones' Edition: Keeping it all Together

$199 per person
  • 20 Training Hours
  • Self-Paced
  • Optional Individualized Wellness Scorecard
  • Invitation to Join the Inner Circle