How Does Enrollment Work?

To enroll your team into the Navigating Adversity self-care course, simply email me a roster with their names and email addresses. It’s that easy! Depending on the size of your workforce and their schedule, we’ll create rolling start dates to ensure that everyone receives the course in a timely fashion. Our cadre of mentors is capable of training thousands of people at once, so we’re ready to help you establish a common language around wellness in one fail swoop if that’s what you need.

We are staunch supporters of transparency, so we recommend communicating with your workforce in advance of the start date, preparing them for the learning experience.

As Simon Sinek says, “Start with why.”

This messaging is an awesome opportunity for you to express why their wellness matters to you and to open their minds up to the uniqueness of Navigating Adversity as a training opportunity. Not only are you proving that you value your people, but you’re providing them with the only whole-life learning experience that prioritizes their individual needs. This is a big deal and should be expressed enthusiastically!

What a rarity it is to work for an organization willing to invest in the journey! (I hope you plan to use it for recruiting purposes, too!)

Dr. T

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