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Baby Boomers took jobs for one primary reason: to make money. When they interviewed, they came prepared to answer the question, “What do you bring to our company that’s worth hiring you for?” Today’s candidate is different. Young professionals today have a new perspective.

“What can your organization do for me?”

You see, they’re looking beyond their bank books. (Do they even carry bank books?) Money is a consideration, sure. But it’s not the first. In fact, it’s not even the second. One a ten scale, compensation lands in the bottom five.

Young professionals want to work where they are accepted for who they are. They want an environment where their values are evident, where they are a name instead of a number, and where their wellness – inside the walls of the workplace and beyond – is prioritized.

In the words of a talented, driven Millennial, “We’ve watched our parents work for companies that made all kinds of promises and broke every single one. We lived through absentee parenting that ended in divorce because work came first. We’ve seen them go bankrupt, double down on their commitment to the job, then retire with little to show for it but broken relationships, empty houses, and a joke of a retirement system. Can you blame us for not wanting to follow in their footsteps?”

I can’t. In fact, as a borderline Millennial myself, I was a progressive in my professional conduct. Before it became common to ask questions about the culture I’d be working in, I was making demands in my employment contracts that raised more than a few eyebrows. I had a reputation for being difficult and outlandish, but the quality of my work was excellent and my standards so high that I was comfortable walking away when the fit was off.

The Pathfinder Way is changing cultures from being apathetic about wellness to prioritizing every employee’s self-care. Why? Because we know that healthy, thriving employees create healthy, thriving organizations! We also know that you didn’t put the time and money into recruiting your workforce only to have the people you hired crumble under sustained pressure and stress.

When asked, 90% of young professionals polled said that they would leave their current jobs to take less pay at a company that shares their values. 90%!

If you’re a part of the Pathfinder Way, you can proudly recruit these young professionals by expressing wellness, balance, diversity, equity, and unity as cultural values. You have the authentic ability to explain to your candidate pool that you’re not only willing to provide them with tools that enhance mental health, but resources to aid in their spiritual health journeys, their financial stewardship plans, their social wellbeing, their professional opportunities, emotional strength, and so much more. Wellness is not only personal, it’s a whole-person endeavor.

And organizations that partner with us make every employees’ wellness a priority. That’s the Pathfinder Way.

Dr. T

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